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04-2-08 - Methodological Framework for Defence-Oriented Large Scale Systems Engineering.mpp
060823 Universal Principles of Design.ppt
1 PhD Research Proposal Plan V 2 0 Tutty.pdf
10 ITEA Annual 2009 Tutty final 1.pdf
11 Tutty DIGO Conference JFires ADF Application Rational Aug 2009 Unclass.pdf
12 NATO FT3 JAIME CODEx Tutty Nov 2011 Final Draft v 2 UNCLASS.pdf
13 ITEA ASC XV 2010 Tutty.pdf
14 SETE 2010 Tutty final 1.pdf
15 Hawke Review Public WDA and EMDA 101 2010 AB3981533 short.pdf
16 SETE 2011 Part 1 Complexity and 2 JAIME CODEx Combined Final Tutty.pdf
16a SETE 2011 Tutty JAIME CODEx final.ppt
16b SETE 2011 WTR Workshop Presentation after.pdf
17 UniSA Tutty MSI Panel Jul 2011 UNCLASS.pdf
18 DGTA SMM20Tutty20Oct20201120Final20UNCLASS.pdf
18 NATO CRUD SKILLS - TEAM SLOSH 2011 Rules final.pdf
18b NATO CRUD SKILLS - TEAM SLOSH 2011 User Final.pdf
19 UniSa PhD Tutty 2 Nov 2011 Final UNCLASS.pdf
1a Experimentation Survey SP1 Tutty v 1 0.pdf
1b Experimentation Survey SP2 Tutty v 1 0.pdf
1c Experimentation Survey SP3 Tutty v 0 5.pdf
1d Tutty PhD Research Proposal Schedule v 2 1.mpp
1e Tutty PhD Research Proposal Schedule v 3 0 actual.mpp
2 ITEA ASC XIV Article Tutty Jan 06 final.pdf
20 McKee & Tutty 2012 ITEA Journal jite-33-03.pdf
21 NATO FT3 JAIME CODEx Tutty Nov 2011 Final Draft v 2 UNCLASS.pdf
22 SETEAPCOSE 2012 1318 Final (Combined Doc).pdf
22a SETEAPCOSE 2012 PPT Tutty Final 1 UNCLASS.pdf
23 ICAS2012-418 Drobik Tutty 20120803100.pdf
24 ITEA derwort_australiastestandexperimentation_futureoperation 2012.pdf
25 Course ECSQN lowres.JPG
25 SETE 2013 Tutty 2 April 2013.pdf
25a SETE 2013 PPT Tutty UNCLASS final.pdf
26 Tutty 2013 CAF Essay 2012 Confidence in Joint Fires Capability Final.pdf
27 IJIDSS 2013 Paper Tutty final draft v2 A5.pdf
28 SETE 2014 4440 Tutty McKee final.pdf
29 AOC CIED FPECM Aug 2014 compressed.pdf
3 APSEC 2007 Tutty Final.pdf
4 AP-3C Urban Operations Options Strategy 2007 Unclassified.pdf
5 Tenix BD-120-003-P Rev NC Royle & Tutty 2007 Lidwell, Universal Principles of Design.pdf
6a Uni SA Tutty PhD Presentation Aug 2008 Final Pt a.pdf
7 ITEA Annual 2008 Tutty Oct 2008 final long.pdf
8 AFHQ White Paper Submission Aug 2009 NEAATTOPs WP V 1 0.pdf
8a AFHQ White Paper Submission Aug 2009 NEAATTOPS WP Attach 1.pdf
9 FTSA 2009 Tutty final.pdf
99 - S McKee.pdf
Abbott EmergenceExplained_Abstractions_07.19.1730.pdf
ADF Senior Maint Mgrs Tutty 20Oct2011 UNCLASS.pdf
AIAC 2015-022 Pt I ACFD II Tutty Akroyd Cenko Sept 2015 FINAL.pdf
Alberts & Hayes _Campaigns of Experimentation 2005.pdf
Alberts_Agility_Imperative_Precis 2010.pdf
Alberts_CoBP for Experimentation 2002.pdf
Alberts_Complexity_Global 1997.pdf
Alberts_Planning 2007.pdf
APCOSE_paper(Yong Soo Kwon 09082010) ver 3b.doc
ARC CMMi V 1 0 2000.pdf
ARSP-1 VOL I Mar 07.pdf
ASC Certification Plan DID Oct 2014.pdf
ASC Horror Movie short 2003.avi
ASCEDP DID Oct 2014.pdf
ASCENG SQN Logo 2011Doc1 (1).doc
aus crocs.bmp
Beazley ITEA Journal 2010 Review Report to congress by Defence science Board Task Forc.pdf
Bolstad Cuevas ITEA Journal 2010 Integration situation awreness assessment into testing and e.pdf
Bowman ITEA Journal 2010 Measuring Human performance in a mobile Ad Hoc Network - MAN.pdf
BOYD 1986 OODA.pdf
Boyd 1987 c&c.pdf
Bulletproof Glass Testing Risks.wmv
Carroll ITEA Journal 2010 Development of an autodiagnostic adaptive precision trainer.pdf
Coalition Joint Fires Operational Framework with confidence May 2013.pdf
Coalition Joint Fires Ops Framework Summary May 2010.doc
Complex Capability & TRLs Models Updated Tutty 2010.ppt
Craytor ITEA jite-32-01-5.pdf
CSIRO Public Liability - RCC 321 00 TR200134vJan08.pdf
Czerwinskis Chaos Figure 2008.doc
Czerwinski_2008_Coping with the bounds.pdf
Czerwinski_Coping 2008.pdf
di g ops 02_2 2011.pdf
DI GL4_5_012 Technical Integrity 2010.pdf
Donnelly Commander Intent for NCO 12th ICCRTS 050.pdf
Eberley ITEA Journal 2010 The cognitive performance component in networked system of s.pdf
ECSQN 25 Course 2015.xls
ECSQN Patch. low resJPG.JPG
EIA_632 1999.pdf
Experimentation Survey Peter Laytons short thoughts.doc
F-16 CAS Fallujah 2004.wmv
fa18_jsow_woomera_WEB 20 Oct 2010.mpeg
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch1 - Introduction 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 a Cover page.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch10 - Workplace design 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch11 - System security603b.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch12 - Personnel safety 603b.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch13 - Environment 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch14 - Anthropometry and biomechanics 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch15 - User documentation 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch2 - General design requirements 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch3 - Automation 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch4 - Designing equipment for maintenance603b.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch5 - Displays and printers 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch6- Controls and visual indicators 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch7 - Alarms, audio and voice 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch8 - Computer human interface 603.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Ch9 - Input devices 603b.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 Documentation page.pdf
FAA HF-STD-001 homepage.html
FW_ Research Questionnaire into Experimentation of Complex Adaptive Aerospace Mission Capabilities - SP2_ Tutty [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED].eml
GBU-12 CFD vs Flight Test.mpg
Gun Too good to be true 2016 1601.00900v1.pdf
Hasenbosch Best DSTO-TN-0781 Air Battle Management.pdf
Hause Keynote 2 DSTO MBSE 2012.pdf
Heuer Richard Pyschology-of-Intelligence-Analysis 30861352.pdf
Honour INCOSE 2010 Systems Engineering Return on Investment.pdf
ICAS 1998 2.10.4.pdf
ICAS 2002 2.6.1.pdf
ICAS 2006 P-2 9.pdf
ICAS 2010 P-2.11.pdf
ICAS 2012 Abstract Tutty The JAIME CODEx.pdf
ICAS2012-418 Drobik Tutty 20120803100.pdf
IDC WDAs & EMDAs 2010 short.ppt
ITEA Tutty ASC 2003 paper annexes.doc
ITEA Tutty ASC 2003 paper encl 1.doc
ITEA Tutty ASC 2003 paper encl 4.doc
ITEA Tutty ASC 2003 paper.doc
ITEA_2009 Simpson.pdf
JAIME CODEx disclosure draft V 2 0 Oct 14 after.pdf
JAIME CODEx disclosure draft V 2 0 Tests Oct 14 after.pdf
JAIME CODEx draft V 1 0.pdf
JMETC Handbook 2010_FINAL[1].pdf
joint fires LVC view mmm.wmv
Kasser 2013 Holistic Thinking - post publication MalT.pdf
Kass_Logic of Experiments 2006.pdf
Kometer 2006.pdf
Kometer McKee jite-32-01-39 Mar 2011.pdf
Kometer PhD 2007.pdf
Layton (2012)- The Idea of Grand Strategy, The RUSI Journal.pdf
Lenzi Bachrach ITEA jite-32-01-95.pdf
Leveson - System Safety - Back to the Future.pdf
Long FasterBetterCheaper DSTO MBSE 2012.pdf
Mankins 1995 trl.pdf
Mattis 2008 EBO.pdf
Maven Musings 2014 abridged compressed.pdf
McKee & Tutty ITEA Sept 2012 jite-33-03.pdf
McKee CNCTT SETE 2010 April new.pdf
McKee Master for SETE Keynote 2014.pdf
MIL-HDBK-244A 6 apr 90.pdf
MK-83 multipleCVER.MPG
MOD Ontology[1].pdf
MODAF Ontology v1 0[1].pdf
N2C2M2 2010_web_optimized.pdf
Nafiz RE_ FT3 2010 Fall Meeting Agenda [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED].eml
NATO CRUD 2011 Generic.pdf
NATO CRUD 2011.pdf
NATO N2C2M2_web_optimized 2010.pdf
NATO RTO $TR-SCI-189-Report V&V of NNEC.pdf
NATO RTO AG-160-V22-ALL.pdf
NATO RTO AG-300-V28-ALL EW T&E Dec 2 012.pdf
NATO_COBP for C2 Assessment 2002.pdf
Natter Ockreman et al ITEA Journal 2010 Review of Cognitive Metrics for C2.pdf
NCW Roadmap 2009.pdf
ndia 2006 Network enabled weapons winter.pdf
ndia 2007 MrBurtRutan.pdf
NDIA Dahmann 2010.pdf
O'Donnell et al ITEA Journal 2010 Integrating Cognitive assessment into the test and Evaluatio.pdf
Ockerman McKee et al ITEA Journal 2010 Process Intrumentation Systems for training and Operational.pdf
Operational Evaluation of Electromagnetic Environ Effects E3.pdf
P1000911 LR.jpg
PhD Abstraction Model Figures 18 Oct 2010.doc
PhD SME Engagement draft.xls
PhD SP2 Distribution Jan 2010.xls
PhD SP2 Distribution July 2010.xls
PhD Thesis Tutty Final CD 1 July 2015 Vol II.pdf
Polk Kometer Mckee Burkhart USAF 505WG SOS T&T - 23Jan08SoStestpaper.doc
PUBLICATION_2007_Range Commanders Council_Standard 321-07 SUPP.pdf
PUBLICATION_2007_Range Commanders Council_Standard 321-07.pdf
Quotes Tutty Edition 9 Aug 2012.pdf
Research Exec Summ Tutty 2015.pdf
Research Exec Summary on a page Tutty 2015.pdf
Research Poster Tutty 2015.pdf
Research Questionnaire into Experimentation of Complex Adaptive Aerospace Mission Capabilities - SP1_ Tutty [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED].eml
Ries Vettel ITEA Journal 2010 Augmenting test and evalution assessments using eye-tracking.pdf
Sarahs Fathers BPR Policy 2008.pdf
Savvides & Fitzgerald Aircraft Stores Compatibility as perceived thru CMMi 2002.doc
SETE 2013 Joiner 3551 - New Defence Test and Evaluation Policy.pdf
SETE 2013 T&E IA Panel - Air perspective.pdf
SETE 2015 Tutty draft 10 Jan.doc
SETP Paper.doc
SETP Presentation.ppt
Shanahan Best et al DSTO-RR-0344 Black Skies 2008 Part 1.pdf
Shanahan Best et al DSTO-TR-2305 Black Skies 2008 Part 2.pdf
Shellman ITEA Journal 2010 Electromagnetic Spectrum Test and Evaluation Process 1.pdf
Silent Wingman Neil Strauss 2013 new.pdf
smith A 2011 Letort pub1064[1].pdf
Smith_Complexity 2006.pdf
Smith_EBO 2003.pdf
SMM Tutty Oct 2011 Final UNCLASS.pdf
SOS-2 C4ISREW concept.doc
Taleb errors April 2011.pdf
Taleb, 2004 ARTE.pdf
TAP_JAIME CODEx_ET_V3 Mar 2010.doc
The Seven Deadly Sins of Network-Centric Warfare.htm
Thesis Confirmation - Take V.docx
ToR_JAIME CODEx_ET_V3 Mar 2010.doc
Tutty 1998 NATO SCI MP-016-15.pdf
Tutty 2005 Aircraft Stores Capabilities in a Network Enabled World Uni SA.pdf
Tutty Biography 2011.doc
Tutty PhD FoS Parable JAIME CODEx May 2011.ppt
Tutty Phd References - Consolidated Dec 2010.doc
Unewisse MBSEandSoSE DSTO 2012.pdf
USAF 505WG SOS T&T - 23Jan08SoStestpaper.doc
Vol II Encl 4 RACY JAIME CODEx v 2 0 Confidence 1 Jul 2014 cover.pdf
Vol II Encl 4 RACY JAIME CODEx v 2 0 Confidence 1 Jul 2014.pdf
Watson ITEA Journal 2010 You can't keep a good hog down - The curious Saga of the A-1.pdf
_Confirmation Proposal.pptx

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