With an elegant round case in steel, Eterna offers the Eterna Gent in a polished steel tone case or in various colors such as PVD rose gold or even black for one model. The automatic models are 40mm wide and 10.05mm thick, and the quartz models come in both 40mm-wide (7.25mm thick) as well as 42mm-wide (7.3mm thick) models replica watches uk with the latter being slightly more on the causal side. Dial variety is key here, with most options being suitably legible and interesting-looking. One set has a "vintage paper-style" dial that is interesting and rolex replica attractive. I would caution against people having an anti-quartz bias here for two reasons. One reason is that the prices are quite reasonable as the quartz models start at $150 bucks (OK, that is high for many quartz watches), but more importantly, these replique montres have quality along with fit and finishing that would equally work for automatic watches. Oftentimes, brands that otherwise produce mechanical watches will "cheapen" the quartz version in order to help add value to the mechanical replica omega watches. This means that components such as the case, dial, strap, etc... aren't as nice in order to keep costs down or to otherwise help add value to the more expensive mechanical versions. With the Eterna Gent collection, I got the feeling that the cases and dials are good enough for mechanical, but made for quartz.

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